söndag 12 juni 2011

We'll Walk Through The Thunder, Me And My Brother [Demo]

We'll Walk Through The Thunder, Me And My Brother [Demo] by markusjohansson

Thoughts colliding turn to discord in my ears
I can tell you're smelling all the chemicals in here
It's her way of disappearing, a way out of this hell
When the black birds are building their nest in my head
Whispering of suicide and plans that went wrong
Words that I can only pronounce in a song
So I pull the curtain down and stay in my bed
I'll try to focus on the good things instead

We'll walk through the thunder, me and my brother
All the time

Here comes another morning, I stumble down the stairs
People on the bus, I look down as they pass
Turn the music up loud, see myself in a frame
How we all think we're special, how we all look the same
Simple minds and simple needs, acting like we're free
Bodies piling up outside while we watch TV
Black bird on the balcony, black bird in the tree
Black bird is the feeling growing in me


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